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Unless it's different than with JAWS 13 and the other versions I've had, for a permanent change to your screen echo, go to Insert V for JAWS Verbosity. You'll have to arrow through a lot of other options, but when you find it, there will be four choices - character; word; character and word; and no echo. While in a document, hit Insert 2 on the number keys above qwerty. It will give you the same choices.

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Hello All,
I need some help to get jaws 15 setting in typing character echo if that what it's calll I think!! I'm talking about in internet explorer,firefox,word document,messenger and e-mail where I type letter for example if I type H e l l o then when I press spacebar it's say hello Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?

O. Addison Gethers

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