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Thank you for asking. My husband has 8.1, which, as I understand, is very good. But I remember when Windows 8 came out, people were in a bit of an uproar about it. As for me, I am crippling along with XP until JAWS 17 comes out. When that happens, I want to gather all the information I can about what works best with it, for instance a scanner for my printer, and I intend to get Windows 10. So if anyone has advice about a scanner, I really need to know, since I am completely ignorant about scanners. I thought about getting 8.1, but a couple of people advised me that since this is so close, there was no point in learning two different systems - just wait and learn one. So right now, that is my plan.

I know that I'll need everything for 64 bits then, and I don't know if some of the records I have will transfer, but, as Rick says, "Tomorrow is another day, another way..."

GIFT (God is forever true),


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Hi Carolyn,

what are the issues you're having with Windows 8.1?
Works fine for me.


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