JAWS Not Reading Links

Jimmy Jones

Good morning to everyone,

I have a strange JAWS problem where JAWS 16 will not read or recognize links
or other elements that appear on the screen.

I had this issue with JAWS 14 and 15, but JAWS 16 seemed to fix everything.
However, a day or two ago, it started to do the same thing.

For example, I would type in a search term and press the enter key and the
information would appear on the screen as usual. But JAWS would not read it.
It would not recognize links, headings, combo boxes, etc. In short, it would
ignore the information generated by the search. It reads the information
that was present on the screen before the search, but not the result. I did
get a message saying that there are no aria controls on the page. I should
mention that the result is present on the screen and that a sighted person
has no difficulty using it.

I am using JAWS 16, Windows 7, I.E. 11.

Thanks for your help.

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