Re: Track changes in Word 2007/2013

Kimber Gardner

Track changes are, quite honestly, a pain in the butt with any version
of jaws. It can be done, but you will need patience and perseverance.

Now having said that, what I've done is place accept and reject
changes on the quick access toolbar so I can use control key
combinations to perform these functions. The whole operation is still
a bit clunky, and there are times when you will need to use your jaws
functions to list revisions and the like. But it can be done.


On 5/12/15, Russell Solowoniuk via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

What is the most efficient way to use track changes in MS Word 2013 or
2007 using Jaws 16? It seems a little tedious to bring up a list of
revisions with shift + Insert + R and then work through all the listed
insertions and deletions one by one, especially in a long document. Is
there a way to accept or reject a change and then jump directly to the
next revision and so on without having to bring up the list again?

Any suggestions for using track changes more efficiently would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.


Russell Solowoniuk
tel: 473-5819

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