Re: Excel shortcut for autofit?

Jimmy Jones

I believe you are talking about the virtual ribbon. FS created that to be
used by those who had ribbonfolbia. Which is a fear of using the ribbon.
There was allot of that when the ribbon first came out. The virtual ribbon
creates a sort of XP menu style which is substituted for the ribbon itself.

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Thanks, everyone.

Now here's a slightly related question. MS has their own keyboard interface
for the ribbon UI, as in "Alt then H, O, I". But you can also turn on the
JAWS rinnon UI to make the ribbon feel more like a system of menus and
submenus. I can see how both might be useful, but they seem to be mutually
exclusive. When I turn on the JAWS ribbon UI, the MS ribbon keyboard
inbterface seems to stop working.

Does anyone know how to set up JAWS so that both the MS interface and the
JAWS interface to the ribbon UI are available? Then I could choose to use
one or the other interface, depending on which is most convenient, personal
preference, etc.

My guess is that this is simply not possible. I have to choose one or the

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