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Hi, Stan. Here's what the Windows Live User's Guide for JAWS says about the blocked senders list.

Blocked Senders list

If you receive a message from an address in your Blocked senders list, it's automatically moved to your Junk e-mail folder.

If you've received a message from someone, and you want to add their address to the Blocked senders list, then either:

• In the main window, select the message in the Message list, open its context menu, open the Junk email sub-menu, and choose Add sender to blocked sender
• In a message window: on the Message tab, in the Delete group, press the Junk split button by pressing Spacebar or Enter, and on the opened menu, choose
Add sender to blocked sender list.

You can view and edit the Blocked Senders list on the Blocked Senders page of the Junk E-mail Options dialog, which contains a list box containing blocked
senders, and Add, Edit, and Remove buttons. To open this dialog, open the application menu (Alt + F), open the Options sub menu, and choose Safety options.

If you want to further peruse the Windows Live User's Guide for JAWS, click the following link.

Bill White

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Using jaws 16 and Windows Live Mail, how can I find out if I have inadvertently set up list mail to be blocked?

Isn’t there an option some where to block certain senders. Our administrator says I am excessively kicking back list mail.

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