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Steve Griffiths

Hi Adrian,

I can't answer the first question; why one correction you make shows a different colour to the recipient than your other corrections.

About choosing the colours, there are two points to make. The first is that the control for colours is non-standard, and selecting a specific colour may be problematic. The second is that I've always believed it was best to choose Automatic rather than a specific colour, because then the font colour depends on the background colour. If a recipient has white as their background, the text will appear black. But if another recipient has black as their background, the text will appear white. If you choose a specific colour, that's what it will be regardless of the background colour.

Below I can try and explain a bit more about the font colour control, but I warn you it may go way beyond your level of interest!

The Font Colour control looks like a combo box, but when I get to it, JAWS says "Font Color (Text 1) Button". Neither Enter nor Alt-DownArrow work on this control, but Space and DownArrow both open the list, and JAWS says "Font dialogue, Font page", but if I arrow further down the list, JAWS doesn't say anything. However, I can press A to select Automatic and close the combo box, and then OK the dialogue.

The combo list has Automatic at the top, and then there is an array made up of six rows and ten columns. This array is headed "theme colours". Under that is a single row of ten columns headed "standard colours", and at the bottom of the list is an item called More colours.

When I DownArrow from Automatic, my focus goes to column six of the first row of the array. If I carry on pressing DownArrow, I go through each of the six rows, still in column six, and then to the single row under Standard colours. On the first row of the Theme Colours, and the row under Standard colours, I can use right and left arrow to move through the row and JAWS reads the colours. On the other five rows on the screen, I hear nothing from JAWS if I arrow left and right through them.

On the first row under theme colours, here are the colours I get if I press LeftArrow repeatedly:
Blue, Accent 1
Dark Blue, Text 2
Tan, Background 2
Black, Text 1
White, Background 1
Orange, Accent 6
Aqua, Accent 5
Purple, Accent 4
Olive Green, Accent 3
Red, Accent 2

And on the standard colours:
Light Green
Dark Red
Dark Blue
Light Blue

The More Colours option at the bottom of the list opens a further dialogue on which colours can be chosen with the mouse. I haven't bothered looking at this dialogue.

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Thank you, Steve and Carolyn, for replying. You both give me clues, but I'm not sure I'm getting the result I need.

Before I go through the steps I took, I've figured out what came out blue in the message I'd meant to be all black. I was working on a message to an organization over the course of several days. The person I addressed was named Bob. My last correction was to capitalize his first name. In the email my recipients got from me, his name was in blue, while everything else was black. I can't figure out why this would be, considering I'd made so many other revisions. On top of that, on the copy in my system, his name shows up as black.

If anyone has ideas about why that occurred, I'd love to know. Until I know the cause I can't figure out how to avoid the problem in the future.

Okay, so based on your suggestions, Carolyn and Steve, I did the following:

In Outlook 2010, I pressed alt-f, then t for "options."

I arrowed down once to "Mail."

I tabbed until I landed on "fonts and stationery" and pressed spacebar.

Here I tabbed to "font." There are two "font" buttons, as you'd indicated, Steve.

However, here is where randomness seem to take over. On my second attempt, I somehow arrowed or tabbed to "black," the color I wanted. I wasn't sure how to confirm it as my selection, but I pressed enter on it. Then I tabbed to Okay. I did the same with the second "font" button, again getting to black only through trial and error. Now, as I'm writing this post, I can't even find black again -just blues and greens.

So, for this part, I have two questions:

Is there a more certain method for reaching the color I want?

Can I be confident I've saved black for all message situations?

Sorry for this long post.

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