Re: Question about ripping DVD's to a hard drive.

Paul D. J. Jenkins <pdjj6123@...>

Hello Michael,

The one I use is called Slysoft, (I typically write the name as SlySoft),
AnyDVD Ripper. It is part of Any DVD, which can also be purchased with an
HD add-on. If my memory serves me correctly, it is sold in Germany, so
there will be a currency conversion. There is a 30-day trial. Their
website is:

Good luck!

Paul Jenkins

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Hi folks! Thought I would find out if anyone can recommend an accessible
program for ripping DVD's to a hard drive. A friend of mine would like to
burn some of the movies he has purchased to his hard drive. Is there a
program out there that works well with JAWS that can accomplish this? Many

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