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I haven't thought of this. Can try.

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Can't you download HJ Pad from the Internet?

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Hi Barbara,
You wrote:

I know these questions have been addressed several times, but I can't
seem to locate my notes on how to get rid of messages saying "greater
Probably the easiest way to get rid of the speaking of the greater-than sign
is to set punctuation to some or none. Go into the JAWS Window and the
Options menu. Go down to the Voices menu and into Voice Adjustment. Tab
around the Voice Adjustment dialog and you'll find the Voice Punctuation
combo box. Set it to whatever you want, then press Enter to close the

My other question is, how to bring up the HJ pad in windows 8.1. I
know it is buried somewhere, but do not remember how to locate it.

I just looked on my girlfriend's Toshiba laptop running Windows 8.1 and
couldn't find HJ Pad either. I'm not sure why that is; maybe it's not
supported on Windows 8.1 or just isn't included with JAWS 16. . In either
case, you could use Wordpad and do everything that HJ pad would do and maybe
more. From the Start screen, type wordpad and you'll find it.

Hope that helps.


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