Re: Outlook 2010 and JAWS, font color

Adrian Spratt

Thank you, Steve and Carolyn, for replying. You both give me clues, but I'm not sure I'm getting the result I need.

Before I go through the steps I took, I've figured out what came out blue in the message I'd meant to be all black. I was working on a message to an organization over the course of several days. The person I addressed was named Bob. My last correction was to capitalize his first name. In the email my recipients got from me, his name was in blue, while everything else was black. I can't figure out why this would be, considering I'd made so many other revisions. On top of that, on the copy in my system, his name shows up as black.

If anyone has ideas about why that occurred, I'd love to know. Until I know the cause I can't figure out how to avoid the problem in the future.

Okay, so based on your suggestions, Carolyn and Steve, I did the following:

In Outlook 2010, I pressed alt-f, then t for "options."

I arrowed down once to "Mail."

I tabbed until I landed on "fonts and stationery" and pressed spacebar.

Here I tabbed to "font." There are two "font" buttons, as you'd indicated, Steve.

However, here is where randomness seem to take over. On my second attempt, I somehow arrowed or tabbed to "black," the color I wanted. I wasn't sure how to confirm it as my selection, but I pressed enter on it. Then I tabbed to Okay. I did the same with the second "font" button, again getting to black only through trial and error. Now, as I'm writing this post, I can't even find black again -just blues and greens.

So, for this part, I have two questions:

Is there a more certain method for reaching the color I want?

Can I be confident I've saved black for all message situations?

Sorry for this long post.

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