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Hello Justin,

Oh my goodness! If I were experiencing this issue, I would want to
scream! So that we can try to help you better, will you please tell us what
kind of keyboard you are using? What version of Windows is your computer
running? Are you using JAWS 16? There are some settings in the Windows
Control Panel that might be able to help you.

Have a great evening,

Paul Jenkins

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Hello list members,

I just purchased a new keyboard. An issue that I am having, (which I've had
in one way or another (most often with new keyboards is that when typing
spaces between words are not recognized. Also, letters are often left out of
some words, (particularly the U in the word You. As a result, even with
shorter email messages, or Word documents, I'm using spell check (sometimes
8-10 times to add a missing letter to a specific word, or to insert a space
between words.

It may be that I am typing too lightly and need to press harder on the
keyboard when I am typing and inserting spaces between words. I don't know?
What I do know is that this is frustrating. Is there a command within JAWS
that can fix this issue, or reduce its frequency of occurrence?

I would appreciate any help with this.

Best, Justin

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