getting audio to play on default player

David Moore

I know exactly what Keith is talking about. Many times, I will get on
ESPN or many other sites, and the video or audio will begin playing.
It seems to be a player that is a part of the website itself. How do
you get this audio or video material to play in Windows Media Player,
for example. On ESPN and other sites, it just starts playing, and I
cannot control it at all. I can't play, pause, or anything like that.
What do you do about this to either be able to control what you are
hearing in that website or to be able to over-ride that and get it to
play on your default player on the computer? Thanks a lot. Thanks
Keith for bringing this up! I better say this LOL, I am using Windows
8.1, JAWS 16, and I am using an Asus laptop 64 bit lol!

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