Re: using the same set up in wordpad that is used in microsoft word

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My Word Pad is part of Office 10.

GIFT (God is forever true),


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Subject: Re: using the same set up in wordpad that is used in microsoft word

g? I don't know how I got word pad on my computer it was just there ever since I've always had the computer

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Hi, Mike. How did you get WordPad, and how are you running it? I am using JAWS13, and have no Wordpad. All I have is HJPad.

Thank you.
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Subject: using the same set up in wordpad that is used in microsoft word

hi guys:

I would like to know if there is a way that I can use the same voice features in wordpad like we have in microsoft word. What I’m asking is, I wish to have the ability to tell me the font and all that stuff when I use insert-f or alt-delete; in wordpad like it does in ms word. For instance, when I hit alt-delete in word it says something like “3 inches from left, 5 inches from top, page 3...” or whatever. If I do this in wordpad, I get “1, 10” or something like that which is relatively meaningless?

I guess what I want is all the same settings that come up in word, I wish them for wordpad?

I hope I haven’t confused anyone but it surely would be helpful to use this.

Please keep in mind, I’m not very technological on this stuff so please be overly descriptive with your directions on what to do.

Assume I am a child on this one, I will do whatever directions say to do.

Thank you very much for reading this; and hope to hear from someone soon.


Mike M.
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