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I have to second this. My law firm buys Lenovo laptops for all
attorneys, and my own personal machines have all been Lenovo for
at least a decade. So, I don't have much experience with other
laptops, but I've never had problems with a Lenovo. My sons, both
engineers, have had bad luck with HP and Del laptops.
The important thing to look for (and this is not consistent among
laptops, even laptops in the Lenovo line) is the presence (or
availability) of an applications key and two insert keys. As
between having an applications key and two insert keys, I'd go for
an applications key -- unless you have a handy way, by dot or
something, to locate the shift F-10 key.
You know Shift F-10 doubles as an applications key which, itself,
simulates a right mouse click.
Also, I should clarify what I mean by two insert keys. I'm
referring to both a caps lock key and an insert key that are
simultaneously available as JAWS keys. There are some operations
that, for clumsy me, just cannot be executed with the caps lock
key functioning as a JAWS key -- at least not without gymnastics.
So, the ideal set-up is to have the JAWS key available both
through an insert key and a caps lock key and a separate
applications key.
That's not always possible, and you may need to get someone to
mess around in the computer settings to get them.
Take care.

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I've always had good luck with Lenovo laptops.

On 5/7/15, Harry Spencer via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hello All.

A few months ago someone recommended a laptop for use with JAWS.
corse at the time, I didn't need a laptop, and now I do. I
believe the
cost was about $400. I'll be using Windows 7, JAWS 15 and Office
If someone could pass on the recommendation again, I would

Thanks. Harry

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