Re: Recommending a Flatbed Scanner? You May Need More than That?

Feliciano G

I do realize that there is more to just the actual scanner. The software side as far as OCR goes it's already taken care of. That is why that is not brought up on the original message.

On May 7, 2015, at 8:31 PM, Kevin Wollenweber via Jfw <> wrote:

I could be wrong about this, and other listers, please feel free to chime
in, here and correct me emphatically, but it isn't the flatbed scanner that
needs to be "accessible"; you need to find a scan-and-read program that
works for you. If there are scanners out ther that work alone with JAWS,
please alert me to them and I'll ditch this thing I've got now, along with
the version of OPEN BOOK I currently have that no longer works, and get that

I'm not trying to be snarky, here; I just was not aware that a scanner alone
could do the trick.

Kevin Wollenweber

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