Where do Braille usersggnotetaker users in particular), go for questions now that pacmategearddcom is no longer active?

Ryan Coverdell

The subject for this message pretty much speaks for itself. I am a
Braille user, and a notetaker user. I will probably use the Pac Mate
as long as I can, or until a Braille notetaker comes along that is
comparable to it. I don't know of any mainstream tablet, available
at Walmart and major retailers, that does the type of stuff that the
Blazie and Pac Mate products have done. Especially since I use and
refer back to files I've made on old devices. Anyway, I have a long
list of questions, several pages in length, regarding present and
future notetaker accessibility. If this JAWS list is more for
desktop Pc and other such things, can you direct me to a list for
Braille notetaker users that is still active? I understand that
besides the Pac Mate there are a few other commeting products out
there. For me, I use my Pac Mate every day, more than my desktop Pc.
It is a real lifeline, as have legacy FS products been for going on
27 years now. Regards, Ryan Coverdell

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