Reading long documents - Two questions on voices

Ali Abdolrahmani

I am a PhD student. I have to read many long papers and text books.
When I read technical papers, I have the following concerns and I
would like to know if any of members have suggestions or solutions:
1. I use sentence by sentence reading command of Jaws to be able to
capture as much as I read while reading. I pause between sentences and
sometimes take notes. My problem is when the cursor goes to the next
paragraph, I don't have any idea that the paragraph has changed.
Understanding the change in paragraph helps when you like to organize
your mind about the flow of concepts. Is there any solutions or
workarounds that we can receive an audio feedback when the cursor goes
to next paragraph?

2. Second, for long and complex technical papers, I use expressive
voices to sound to me more naturally and not make me tired. My problem
is that I need to slow down the speed of the voice to be able to
follow the complex structure of my papers. I wish I could change the
pause length between words and after punctuations instead of slowing
down the entire reading. Slowing down the entire reading makes me
tired after some while. Is there any high quality synthesizer
alternative voices that we can do this? I hope I could express what I
mean well enough for folks.


Best Regards
Ali Abdolrahmani

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