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Dave Mitchell

Hi, No I have not since as no power user, it never occurred to me. Further I would not know how to do it and wonder why it would be up to me as I assume most of us have Internet sites we visit frequently.
Finally, I can add that my specific problem seems less prevalent with JAWS 15. Mitch

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Have you tried to delete cookies from internet options in attempt to fix the problem?

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Hi, With the latest JAWS 16 and Windows 7, certain web sites I visit cause I E 11 to stop working and F S, while aware of the issue, has apparently not yet slayed this bug.
When at these web sites where experience has proven to me that I E 11 will stop working before I finish my intended reading, I have taken to copying the article and pasting it into Word before I’m frozen out.
Others have likely been forced to do likewise but I thought I would share this idea anyhow. Regards, Mitch

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