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Cal <yesitscal@...>

Hi! I'm getting all these mails from the JFW site when previously I haven't. I noticed last night (and just confirmed again) that I can't get to the JFW webpage, so I wonder if this has something to do with all the E-mails I've been getting? I do recall a week or so ago that somebody was pretty pissed that he couldn't unsubscribe and threatened holy hell if he wasn't taken off the list. I wonder if this is the result?

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Well considering I removed myself from this list several weeks ago, I
thought it was spam and saw no reason to read the admin's original
e-mail. It's not a matter of being incompetent, why would we be
keeping our eyes peeled for such a message if we weren't expecting one
to come our way? I thought the admin's original e-mail was spam and
deleted it -- kinda hard to follow the instructions in it when that

I get a lot of e-mail and generally skim through it and delete what
seems like spam so I missed the admin's original message. I gather,
from some responses, that he said there was a mistake and deleted
subscribers have to contact him off-list to be removed? Either way, I
don't see what's wrong with voicing our frustrations when we took the
necessary steps to be removed from this list just a few weeks ago.
It's annoying and, while obviously a mistake, it shouldn't have

And you're the one complaining to the entire list about the
complainers -- what does that make you? No more competent than I, as
far as I'm concerned. I'm not sure why you felt the need to be rude
and insult people but um... good job?


On 6/29/11, Shane Davidson <shane@...> wrote:
Are you people so incompitent as to not actually read the messages from the
administrators of this list?
Please stop cluttering the list with useless non jaws related garbage, and
actually listen to what the administrators are saying, and contact them
*directly* and stop hogging the list with crap not meant for said list.
Thank you for your consideration and for maybe this time using the brains to
witch god entrusted you with.

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Same here, its getting to be a pain. I went through this rubbish several
weeks ago and was told I had unscribed.

Jim Williams

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I unsubscribed from the jaws mailing list... how many times do I have to
unsubscribe? Stop spamming me!

On 6/29/11, R&J <ronjacq@...> wrote:

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