Re: my function keys (insert f1 through 12), have stopped working on my keyboard

Soronel Haetir

And if talking about HP laptops the fn key is to the right of the left
control key (but it has to be hit in combination with the f key to be
invoked, it's not an on-off toggle), hp laptops also default to action
key mode where the f keys perform other actions (things like mute and
network airplane mode). To reset the f keys from that mode requires
someone who can see because it can only be changed in the BIOS.

On 4/30/15, Harry Spencer via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
On my Microsoft brand keyboard the key to the right of F12 toggles the
function keys on and off.

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Subject: my function keys (insert f1 through 12), have stopped working on

Windows 7,, jaws version 14. Somehow my function keys, (insert f1 through
whatever), quit working. I can't exit web-pages (altogether f4), unload
(insert plus f4), or even restart my computer using windows m and then
altogether f 4 to get to the shut-down options. I have a neighbor who can
see, that could try some things. But before I go to the trouble of finding
out if he can do something I'd like to try to do some things myself. Could
one of you please e-mail what to try and be as specific as possible. I
want to completely mess up
anything. Kindest regards, Ryan Coverdell P.S. I hope
there's a simple reset command or something.

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