Re: Problems Re-Activating Magic Jack Using JAWS

Curtis Delzer

try calling the number and see if the magic jack rings. other than that, not
a clue here. seems you did all right.

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Subject: Problems Re-Activating Magic Jack Using JAWS

Hello All:

I wonder if any of you have any tips for me on re-activating a Magic Jack
account and assigning a new phone number on a Windows XP Computer running
JAWS 12.0. I was trying this morning to help a client to do this.

The client has an existing Magic Jack account, which is deactivated. I
logged into that account at and pressed enter on 'My
Subscriptions'. I was told to re-activate, plug in the Magic Jack USB
device and follow the instructions.

I did this. The first screen that came up appeared not to be accessible
with JAWS, but I had a sighted individual who clicked on the box to register
Magic Jack. After that, the screens were pretty accessible. I selected the
option to log into an existing Magic Jack account and did so. Then, I was
asked to provide a name for the client's device which I did. Then, I was
given several options for picking a phone number. I selected that I would
pick the area code and prefix and let Magic Jack assign the last four

I was then able to select the client's state, area code and prefix. After
doing this, then going through about four screens where Magic Jack wanted to
sell my client extras, I got to a confirmation screen that told us what the
number would be. It also said a confirmation e-mail would be sent in about
an hour.

Well, an hour went by and no confirmation. I looked all over on to see if there was a way I could call someone, couldn't
find anything. I did make sure my client had a payment method on his

Does anyone out there know what I may have done wrong, or, have tips for me
on re-activating Magic Jack and assigning a different phone number using


Ray Campbell
Adaptive Technology Specialist | Adaptive Technology Center
312.666.1331 Ext. 3651 (Voice/Relay) or 312.997.3651 (Voice/Relay)

The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
1850 West Roosevelt Road | Chicago, IL 60608

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