my function keys (insert f1 through 12), have stopped working on my keyboard

Ryan Coverdell

Windows 7,, jaws version 14. Somehow my function keys, (insert f1
through whatever), quit working. I can't exit web-pages (altogether
f4), unload Jaws (insert plus f4), or even restart my computer using
windows m and then altogether f 4 to get to the shut-down options. I
have a neighbor who can see, that could try some things. But before I
go to the trouble of finding out if he can do something I'd like to
try to do some things myself. Could one of you please e-mail what to
try and be as specific as possible. I don't want to completely mess up
anything. Kindest regards, Ryan Coverdell P.S. I hope
there's a simple reset command or something.

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