Re: difficulty getting jaws icon on desktop and assigning shortcut key

Barbara Hansen <the2skibears@...>

Hi Gary,

I have tried the "function key" with F10, however; the contex menu has the
following choices:
Unpin from start, unpin from taskbar, uninstall, open new window, run as
administrator, open file location, and resize-submenu.
I tried going to the file location, but didn't find anything there.

I had the people from Staples where I purchased the computer, to install
everything and, was surprised too that jaws was not on the desktop.

I really appreciate this group of wonderful people who are so supportive.

Barbara Hansen

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I don't have Windows 8.1, so I don't know if it works the same as in version
7. Once you have located JAWS on the Start Menu, try Shift F10 to bring up
the same menu that you would get with an Applications Key. See if there is
a Send To choice on this menu. Desktop may be one of the choices.

Note that Shift F10 and the Applications key don't always result in the same
menu choices, but hopefully the Send To choice will be there.

Gary King
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Subject: difficulty getting jaws icon on desktop and assigning shortcut key

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the font size. I had enlarged it to send a message to a
friend, and now, can't seem to get the right font back.

I am using jaws 16, latest update and windows 8.1 . I have a Dell laptop
computer, but it has the desktop keyboard. It does not have the
key", which I did not realize when I purchased it. It has the "function
key." Jaws is on the "start menu" and I cannot figure out how to get it on
the desktop", where I have always had it. I could always assign the
key by focusing on the jaws icon and doing the alt/enter for getting to
properties. Now I can't seem to get to the jaws properties.

Any suggestions for this situation will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much.

Barbara Hansen

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