settings issues

Ryan Coverdell

i had some trouble-shooting done with my computer and now i have
the following issues_ now the security defaults are so high that when
i want to listen to streaming audio from an external player like real
player or vlc media player my system tells me your security settings
do not allow this file to be down-loaded_his i go into internet
options and set them to medium high default_ i'm able to get into the
audio stream_ however upon shutting down my computer the changes i
have made to my security settings do not stick_ how can i make them
similarly when i go to open the streaming url i come up with an
annoying dialog box that asks if i want to open or save the file_ i
want this dialogue box to never come up ag_ how do i forever cancel
this box alsoth also when opening a bookshare_org file the dialogue
box that asks if i want to open or save the file i have to press
altogether plus not to get the dialogue box ofwhich is in the
backgroundwith into focus_ i do not want this dialogue box or any
dialogue box for that matter to be in the background_ i want it to
always be able to open in its own separate window_ how can i reset
this option so i can avoid hitting altogether plus nth

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