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Drew Hunthausen

Yes, I just came to the same conclusion! I was trying to figure out how to
sign out of my account as I have it log in automatically since this is my
computer. I finally figured it out, not an easy find! thanks

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My experience on the Audible website says to ignore this pass-through
verbalization. For example, whenever I land on the "Library" link, Audible
issues that pass-through message. However, I just press enter, as usual, and
I go right to the library. I've tried the pass-through insert-3 key on that
link just to see what happened, and the answer was nothing.

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Dear list,

I'm sure this has been addressed before, but on the site, in
order to access some of the menus jaws says "press passkey and space to get
through" or something like that. What is the command for the pass key with
Jaws? thanks

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