Screen rotation

David Moore

Hi Guys, I can answer this one. The other day, I gave my computer to
my sighted wife and the print was sideways on the screen, portrate
mode. I went to control panel, and typed in landscape which is what
you want. A link showed up right under saying display settings. I
hit enter and there is an entire dialog telling you how the screen is
showing. I saw, for example, that the choice was on portrate and I
used arrows and got it on landscape. There are all kinds of choices
in that dialog box to change the display settings and JAWS reads the
state of all of them. Many of the controls are combo boxes or check
boxes. Well, that is how you know what your screen is looking like.
Use the search box in control panel to type in what you are thinking.
You will be amazed how easy it is to find the correct link with the
settings that you can have JAWS read to you or you can change! Take
care all of you.

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