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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

Hello Good folks.

Downloading dropbox onto this 8.1 computer using jfw latest version and

Has anyone encountered the issue I am having, where at the dropbox set up
screen to type in your email address and password, the information is not
accessible to jaws?

I've tried restricting, unrestricting cursors, using the ocr feature, made
sure it's maximized, but each time I must do this, I'm needing sighted
assistance. I grabbed it from ninite.com btw, dropbox that is.

Drives me nuts, because my kids are asleep right now so I have no sighted
assistance; however, there is my dog but once I let her back in the house,
she will go straight to her pillow and will not lift a paw to help the hand
that feeds her.

Happy Monday to all!

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