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Yes, I mean Flash.


On 4/24/15, Juan Hernandez via Jfw <> wrote:
Do you mean flash? What is Flex?

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Hello Sir,

Actually, first, I had reached out to the Freedom Scientific support.
They said that the JAWS does not have built-in support for Flex. and
they suggested me to post my issue on the JAWS related group lists.

Tejas Karanje

On 4/23/15, Dave Carlson via Jfw <> wrote:

If no one else responds, you may want to directly contact Freedom
Scientific or call them Scientific Technical Support


Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Musician, and pioneer

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Hi all,

Greetings. My name is Tejas. Presently, I am working with an MNC in
the recruitment team. As a part of my job, I have to work on the
online recruitment tool called "Taleo". The Taleo tool is designed
using the Flex screens. Hence, the JAWS is not compatible with it. Can
anyone throw light on this issue?

I use the JAWS version 12.0.1186 and I use the Internet Explorer 8 to
work on the Taleo. Can anyone of you suggest me the JAWS scripts for
Flex? I will be very grateful to you if you provide any solution for
resolving this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,
Tejas V Karanje

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Jfw mailing list

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Jfw mailing list
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