JAWS 16 / Win 8 / Office 2013 frustrations - spell check for a start!

Brian Anthony <bri1729@...>


after investing in new computer, latest JAWs, and in my job forced to use
Office 2013 on Windows 8, I cannot believe that in 2015 FreedomScientific
have allowed broken spell-check short-cuts to remain as something we just
have to tolerate with the Win8/Office 2013 combination.

Appreciate Microsoft are to be blamed, breaking APIs etc, but surely JAWs
scripting is how we remedy things like this?

Can't Freedom just include scripts to provide the short-cuts for
'change-all, ignore, add to dictionary, etc with their distributions?

For blind users in a professional environment, its more important any aspect
of any feature to help us with ensuring our work is presented as well as
possible is still working, and spell checking being so fundamental seems
high enough a priority to surely dedicate some Freedom Scientific script
writing or bug fixing effort!

Has anyone got work-arounds or perhaps got a script you could send me to get
something working again that was working perfectly fine over the last 18

Yes, I know we can tab through to get to those options, but we need to
optimise/improve the efficiency of these trivial tasks to stand a chance at
keeping our productivity up in a professional environment.

Also, why again in 2015 do 'pic-list' combo lists in MS Excel still not read
out by JAWS 16?

I'm using VB Forms too to make MS Access DB updates, and was told by my UK
JAWS tech support that hardly anyone uses MS Access in the blind community.
Nonsense surely!

Lack of Forms access verbosity settings might suggest a lack of dev effort
from Freedom in this area too. Selecting from combo lists in these forms
with JAWS running kills MS Access too, 25% CPU consumption. With no JAWS,
there is no performance hit when combo selecting. Again, more basic bugs
surely easy to fix!

So, thought I'd email this list to off load my frustrations at finding long
standing features still not working impacting on my ability to do my daily
work in the same way as my sighted colleagues.



Brian Anthony
Authorised Distributor N17075

Tel: 07446944545

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