Jaws and office 2010

Kirsten Edmondson <kirsten.edmondson@...>

On my work laptop I have jaws 11 and office 2007. Next week they are
planning to upgrade all our laptops to office 2010. Will jaws 11 definitely
work with it or will I have to upgrade to jaws 12?
On a related note, if I have an sma, can I just go to the website and
download the latest versions of jaws? (at home on my sma I get a cd in the
post, but have never got anything from S&S at work except junk mail) ...
I don't want to be left without a working laptop so I need to know from
people who have used it that it works, also, how different is 2010 from
And, can I get a converter so I can open files on my 2007 machine at home?


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