Ali <alpot77@...>

Hi all,
I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem.
I am reading a large document approx. 700 pages with various formats etc.
This document has quite a few section breaks also. There are also over 1100
footnotes in this document starting from the first section of the document.
When I try to list the footnotes with, windows + ;, then enter on the
footnotes, only first 104 of the 1100 footnotes displayed. For some reason,
I am unable to list rest of the footnotes in the virtual viewer. Please
note, when I am reading the document, I can get to the footnote pain, and
read the footnotes no problem. Does anyone know how I can get jaws to
display all of the footnotes in the virtual viewer?

Using jaws 16xx, windows7 64bit, and office 365.

Thank you

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