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Aleeha Dudley

When my DELL laptop did this, it was control alt and the arrow keys. I don’t think there is a sound that can be played when this happens. I think, though, that there is a way to turn these shortcuts off.
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On Apr 25, 2015, at 5:52 PM, Greg Nickel via Jfw <> wrote:

Hi all.

From time to time my screen orientation gets rotated 90 degrees. I only
know this because my wife happens to see my screen. When it is brought to
my attention, I then recollect that I have frequent cursor jumping and other
minor focus issues. Since they were only annoyances that I chalked up to
the idiosyncrasies of JAWS I didn't know to fix the problem.

So, here's a couple questions:

1. What is the shortcut to re-orientate or rotate the screen?

2. Is there any audio cue that can be assigned to indicate the screen
has rotated?

Not sure what the shortcut key is that rotates the screen but it must be
similar or adjacent to one that I use since this seems to happen to me
reasonably frequently.


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