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Greetings all,

Nobody is more disappointed to have lost the MLB option in Research It more
than I am. Especially when you consider the tight race in the American
League East where my Sox are doing battle once again with the Yanks and the
Rays. Anyway, here is the scoop on what has happened.
About a week or 10 days ago, ESPN made modifications to how they expose
sports results in an effort to block many different products that had been
tapping into ESPN to get the info in real time and display it. We believe
this was done in an effort to get more organizations to purchase access to
the data and prevent anyone from getting it otherwise. This will not only
impact MLB on Research It, but all of the sports.

We have been investigating the MLB site itself and many other places like
YAHOO but so far, have not found any site that exposes the information away
that will work. We are also reaching out to ESPN and trying to explain who
we are and what we are doing in order to see if we can get them to work with
us. If any of you who use Research It to get access to daily scores would be
willing, please write to them at:

Please be polite and remember, they are not targeting JAWS and Research It
when they make these changes. It would be helpful to explain to them how
beneficial it has been to use Research It in order to get the scores and
schedules without having to weed through all the extra information presented
on very busy web pages. I'm sure that together, we can all work this out and
FS will get this fixed and working again as quickly as possible.

Eric Damery

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Dream on, how about JAWS 15 or so?

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I'm sure you're going to have to wait until JAWS 13 is out. I doubt they
will do any more revisions to 12.

Any dissenters?

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630.
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Subject: Research It and NFL NCAA scores

Anyone know when FS is going to release an update that fixes research it for

NFL and NCAA scores?

Pat Pound

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