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How do you set this up? Is it a bookmark????

At 02:05 AM 4/25/2015, you wrote:
I do not remember seeing this anywhere in the list of JAWS 16
"fixes and features" lists, but I suppose I missed it. If I did,
others might have too.

In Microsoft Word, there is a wonderful feature (and it has been
there for well over a decade) by which one may reference another
place in a document such that the reference remains accurate, even
though further edits might result in changed paragraph or page
numbering. This is especially useful for lawyers in contracts,
but the feature has other applications. The feature worked
beautifully up to JAWS 11, but then Freedom Scientific, sort of,
broke it.

For instance, in the phrase "Except as specifically provided for
in Section 6.5(a), .," I want to hear what you likely just heard
as the cross-reference, 6.5(a). That is what we all heard up to
JAWS 11. In each version since (and I believe each build up to
the April 2015 build of JAWS 16), instead of enunciating 6.5(a),
JAWS (while using the computer cursor) would enunciate something
like the following:

Ref 4761,899 H:\2212A 6.5(a)

You could hear the correct paragraph number eventually, but only
after a great deal of pain or, in the alternative, switching to
the JAWS cursor.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read a cross-reference in a
fairly complex contract, while testing the April build of JAWS 16,
to hear Ref 6.5(a). I was shocked. I tested this in 4 or 5
highly complex documents. It worked correctly every time. No
longer is it necessary to wait (impatiently) while JAWS jabbers
away digits and characters which, for my purposes (and those of
99.9% of users) are entirely irrelevant.

Now, if JAWS 16 only read track change colors properly, I would be
a totally happy camper. Maybe in the next five years it will

Still, when Freedom Scientific does something right (even if it
takes 5 years), some credit is due.

Have a great day.

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