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Kimber Gardner

Yeah, VPN works fine with jaws.

On 4/21/15, Ann Byrne via Jfw <> wrote:
So VPN works with JAWS? I understood that it did not. Great news!
At 10:35 AM 4/21/2015, you wrote:
I currently work from home using a VPN. This gives me access to the files
that I need on my work's shared drive. As for Tandem, I would say that's
bad idea. If for whatever reason, the connection is interrupted, someone
from work would have to go to that computer and help you reestablish the
connection. Tandem isn't really designed for that. It might work in a
pinch, but I'm not sure if it would be reliable for an entire work day.

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The other issue would be that you likely have to share your login password
with whoever happens to be around, which isn't a great idea. An empty
cable in the headphone jack would mute the chatter the work side would
but I'm not sure if you can access Tandem right at the login prompt.

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Someone at the work end would have to help with the connection but
that might work. Very interesting solution.

On 4/21/15, Paul Martz via Jfw <> wrote:
Presumably the employee has JAWS on both home and work computers? In
that case, just use tandem.


On Apr 20, 2015, at 7:58 PM, Ann Byrne via Jfw

Which applications do people use with JAWS to work from home?
My student's company is agreeable to her working at home some of the
time, but needs to know which programs will work well enough with
JAWS and their servers to make this possible.

thanks for the input.

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