Re: Working from home

Kimber Gardner

I'm in .I.T and I use remote desktop. I can use it to access either a
server or the computer on my desk. Either way Jaws has to be installed
on both ends with remote access enabled. The technology isn't perfect
by any measure, but it's a heck of a lot better than it was several
years ago. Citrix is supposed to work too, but I have never had
success with that method.

If you need specifics, either you or your student can contact me
off-list at


On 4/20/15, Ann Byrne via Jfw <> wrote:
Which applications do people use with JAWS to work from
home? My student's company is agreeable to her working at home some
of the time, but needs to know which programs will work well enough
with JAWS and their servers to make this possible.

thanks for the input.

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