Re: Colors Track Changes in Word 2010 Windows 8.1 and JAWS 16

Kimber Gardner

Great information, Ed. Thanks for posting your findings. I'll be
staying with jaws 15 for now as well.


On 4/17/15, Ed Marquette via Jfw <> wrote:

I originally posted this. I have officially gone back to JAWS 15 for track
changes. Here is why.

I have both JAWS 15 and 16 on my Windows 8.1 machine. So, I thought it
would be a good test.

In the same document, on the same machine, using the same Word 2010, and the
same Windows 8.1 operating system, I found these differences:

In the review ribbon under track changes:

JAWS 15 read all of the "options" in the track changes ribbon

JAWS 16 botched the prompts, reading a heading instead of, for example, the
color. I had to use JAWS Key plus up arrow to read the prompts (and then it
was laborious).

With insertions set to grey and deletions set to green:

In the same document, JAWS 15 consistently read colors; however JAWS's
description of the colors did not match Microsoft's color description.

JAWS 16 completely failed, reading "black on white" or "black on black."

I guess I would rather have a wrong color than no color.

The above is not scientific or conclusive, but it is enough to cause me to
keep my JAWS 15 loaded and active. I think this is a nother case where
Freedom Scientific either fixed something and broke something else or added
a feature somewhere that broke functionality elsewhere. This is a
significant reverse in functionality.

I am not even going to load JAWS 16 on my Windows 7 machine, which I use at

Have a great day!
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