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I have JAWS 13; I've never found "mention friends". It is hard for me to find my friends' timelines too.

GIFT (God is forever true),


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I believe tagging someone in a comment on someone's post can be done by
clicking mention friends at the bottom of the post before you comment

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Tagging is limited on the mobile site. There is an option, when you are
posting a status, to "tag friends." But it's not quite the same thing.

When you tag someone on FB mobile, it says, "with person" at the end of the
item. For instance:
Preparing taxes. -With Donna Martin

But you can't do things like, "Hey
link Donna
did you see this?"
You'd have to settle for, "Hey, did you see this? with link Donna Martin"

Also, I haven't found a way, in mobile, to tag someone in a comment to
someone's post.

Hope that clears it right up.

On 4/16/2015 4:45 PM, SingingHearts via Jfw wrote:
How do you tag on the mobile site? I can get through things on the
mobile site so much fast that it might be worth it.

On 4/16/15, Kimsan Song via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Thanks for this; however, I am at work where facebook is forbidden
to visit. Darn highschoolers lol.
However, One of them says Scroll forward through News Feed stories j.
I can't try this here for above stated reason, but couldn't one tap h
for headings to skim through the news feed stories?
Or, am I completely off base here...

I use fire fox when using the regular facebook site only when I tag
in a post. lol.
I am aware you can tab via the mobile site, but I just don't like how
its done, honestly.
Thanks for sharing this, I will try them out when I get home.
For the record, I hate firefox with facebook.

On 4/16/15, Adrian Spratt via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Thanks to Dean Martineau's newsletter, I just learned of a useful
Accessworld article about Facebook accessibility:
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