Windows Aero Invert Color Full Screen

Daniele Casarola


Usually during my Windows 7 experience I press "Win +" to enable Magnifier,
then CTRL ATL I to enable invert color.
The Invert Color feature is active in Full Screen mode, exactly as I need
(it it isn't I simply press CTRL ALT F).

When I run Jaws to help me on reading, the Windows Aero features are
disabled, and so the Invert Color is only available on the most top of the
screen, into a sort of indipendent top bar which shows mouse position, In
this way it's quite impossible for me to navigate without full screen
Invert Color.

So my question is, can I set Jaws so that I don't lose Windows Aero
Magnifier features?

I know I can solve using MAGIc, but... it seems strange spend money to buy
something that I yet have.

Thank you very much in advance.

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