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What about If you provide them with proof of your
disability you can have a $50.00 subscription per year and you can
download up to 100 books in a Braille ready formatt or through various
other outputs. Right now that's the only way I get e-books and they
have most major title. Personally I like to call a kind
of net flix for the blind because of their accessability to so many
choices instantly. And you don't have to pay for each download.

On 4/13/15, Soronel Haetir via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Some do, some don't.

For instance, even when marked as being accessible kindle books
require that jaws or some other recognized screen reader be running in
order for the accessible kindle app to operate in accessible mode
(although since one of the recognized readers is free this isn't much
of a limitation) but even then the app does not actually use the
recognized screen reader for voice output (instead the app has a
couple voices embedded and uses those).

With PDF again it is up to the publisher but at least there it is the
user's screen reader that will be used to read the content.

I can't speak for other e-book formats.

On 4/13/15, Donna Hardy via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Do they work with Jaws? Thanks for info.


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