Colors with JAWS 16 using Track Changes in Word 2010


We use track changes in our practice, and it is sometimes important to distinguish colors in track changes. The standard defaults, in MS Word 2010, are RED and strikethrough for deleted text and Blue and double underlining for added text. For psychological reasons, clients don’t like to send documents with lots of red. So, I have changed my track change colors, as per the “review” ribbon. Unfortunately, I have learned that, despite the colors set on my computer, the recipient’s computer will change them, particularly if “track changes” are shown “by author.”

That caused me to explore. I sent a document from my Windows 7 (JAWS 15) computer to my Windows 8.1 JAWS 16) computer.

Deletions on the Windows 7 (JAWS 15) computer indicated the proper colors for deletes and additions.

On my Windows 8.1 (JAWS 16) computer, the colors were either “Black on White” or “black on black.”

I got the same read-out from JAWS, whether I used JAWS Key plus 5 or JAWS Key plus f to check the colors.

Is JAWS 16 simply defective when it comes to detecting track change colors?
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