Re: program to backup outlook express.


Mike, can I have it too? I'm thinking of trying the Outlook Express for 7+. unfortunately never looked into backing up emails, and since directions are included...

btw, in order to install OE, I'd have to remove VIPRE not just disable the protection, right? and what about Eset Smart Security? I would want to install OE on my other computer that has Eset SS.
and when it comes to installing OE, I'd choose "run as administrator" even though I am the admin, right?
could you remind me of how to pay the 10 dollars? if it's thru PayPal, can my friend use his account to pay for me?
After it's paid for, does the guy send you email notifications for updates?
my exploded address: mrb620 at hotmail dot com

On 4/12/2015 9:23 PM, Mike B. via Jfw wrote:
Hi Adam,

I will send you my folder regarding this program off list. It has the
program, scripts, & steps.
Take care.
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Hi all,

I used to have a program that was speech friendly for backing up outlook
I thought it was called
I've done google searches but can't find it.
If anyone knows where I can get this free program or another free
program since this is for a one off use that would be appreciated.

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