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Kevin Hourigan <kevinthourigan@...>

Hello Ann,
I have the clicking and popping noises on Fire Fox since I installed Webvisum, but nowhere else; using Windows 7 and Jaws 16.
Cheers Kevin.

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I just received a new computer at work and
upgraded to the JAWS 16.0 software. Witht the
new computer and new software, I hear an annoying
clicking/popping sound every time I type a letter
or use the arrow or tab keys/etc…I called Tech
support at Freedom Scientific and they indicated
that the new sound cards/drivers have actually
been a cause and they recommended dumbing down
all of your sound settings. I guess I was hoping
a good old fashioned Mono Tone option was
available, but that is not an option any
more. Have you ever experienced this? Thanks for any insight

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