Re: application file for jaws has stopped working error message in windows 7 and jaws 14

Adrian Spratt


I might be reading your useful description too closely, but you omit a step before indicating you press the command to reload JAWS. I suggest you first ensure it has been unloaded by pressing either of the following two commands:

JAWS key+F4, or, better still
JAWS key+Win key+F4.

This last command shuts JAWS down completely.

Then, with JAWS 14, press your alt-control-j reload JAWS shortcut. (Note that you must have created this shortcut because it isn't a JAWS default, even though most of us use this same combination.)

I'm finding JAWS 16 much better at handling the unload/reload process. For one thing, when you press JAWS key+Win key+F4, JAWS returns on its own in a few seconds. (I believe one or more listers has said this doesn't work for them in JAWS 16, but it does for me.)

One more suggestion, which will be obvious. Try to keep open only those windows with which you're working. I don't pretend to understand PC memory and RAM issues, but experience teaches me that a PC can handle only so many applications and windows at once, especially with JAWS running. Your description makes it clear you do need to have several windows open at once, but the fewer the better.

Annabelle's antivirus suggestion is also something to look into. I know the problem occurs at work, so antivirus programming isn't directly in your control, but perhaps you could get your tech support people to look into it.

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This is probably the most important message I have sent to the
list so far, and the thing I need the most assistance with since it
involves my work. My issue is this.
A year ago, on my work pc, I experienced an up-grade from JAWS 12
to JAWS 14, and from Windows xp to windows 7. On any given day it's
not uncommon for me to have at least half-a dozen windows-based
applications up that I use at different times: a couple of internet
explorer windows to read work-related documents, an instant message
program to converse with my supervisor and others, and two
applications I use to help with customer info. I use a focus 40 as a
Braille display and Jaws pretty much as a guide for some screens
that it''s easier to process through speech rather than Braille.
My issue is this. Sometimes, when switching between applications
or sometimes when pop-up messages appear, or when certain
applications are taking their time loading, Jaws freezes up. It might
just be taking its time loading, but when it freezes up it gets very
frustrating to wait on and so I press the alt control plus j command
to reload. What follows is Jaws saying "application file for Jaws has
stopped working and needs to close." There are two options. Check
online for a solution and close the program. I tab to close the
program and press enter. I have to do it several times before it goes
away. If a sighted person tries to use my mouse to assist me during
this time they can't because of the sluggishness of the system.
Have any of you in your work situations encountered this freezing
problem and how have you dealt with it? I need to find out how to
prevent it. It was not really an issue before I did my upgrade last
year, but it is now all the time. Any helpful hints would be
appreciated. I look forward to hearing (or I guess in my case it would
be reading on my Pac Mate), about your experiences with Jaws in your
work enviornments.

Kindest regards,

Ryan Coverdell

P.S. Please keep the comments professional. I realize that many
of you are probably adept at doing google searches and such, but for
specific issues like this I would appreciate personal attention. I
cannot call FREEDOM SCIENTIFIC about this since I work when their
hours are.

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