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Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi everyone

1. You write below that Office 365 and JAWS 16 work exceptionally.

But is it possible to block updates to the desktop client, e.g. when
Microsoft release Office 2016 between your Office 365 subscription?

I ask you since I not using Office 365 at this moment, because I not can be
sure that the upcoming Office 2016 working with JAWS for the first month
after the release.

I will be sure that I still can use Office after the release, until Freedom
Scientific has make an update to JAWS.

2. What working best in connection with Office 365 and JAWS 16, the desktop
client, where you, as far as I know currently use Office 2013, or the Office
365 web app?

Thanks in advance.



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Subject: RE: Microsoft Office 365

It works exceptionally well for me. I also have JAWS 16, Windows 7 64-bit

and the office 365 subscription. I have no complaints and things are

updated seamlessly in the background without my having to do anything.


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Does anyone know how MS Office 365 works with Jaws. I currently have Jaws

16 with Windows 7 64 bit.

Any thoughts on this will be very much appreciated.



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