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I've got more questions than answers. I've been singing with a jazz
pianist for 5 years and he isn't tech savy with music. I paid to get
some studio recordings done with him and have a demo CD. A lot of
people have home studios. I found one by doing a google search. The
rate wasn't bad and that included the editing. We did run over on
time and that was more money but not too much. I am looking for
someone to add the tracks on the demo CD to the 2 songs I have on
soundcloud that I made with my digital recorder, an olympus digital
recorder with voice guidance. I had a friend who uploaded them but he
is being a pain in the butt right now and I don't even want to ask him
for help. I am finding out that I am "old fashioned" compared to
other singers, preferring to stick to the old jazz standards with just
voice and piano. I hope to work with a guitar player I know soon.I
don't have a newer computer because the one I use is provided through
the company I work for and has administrative settings that wil not
allow me to update IE or media player. I have issues using firefox on
soundcloud. So, my only suggestion is to find a sighted person in the
short term but look for other more tech savvy blind musicians as you
are doing. There may be a group on facebook.

Brian Varner
(search for Brian Varner and Mike Benjamin on soundcloud to hear the
tunes I recorded with the digital recorder)

On 4/11/15, Stan Bobbitt via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
My answer has been a laptop ... I get the songs I want from the Internet,
put them in a folder on the laptop, plug the laptop into my sound system,
split JAWS off to my headset/earpiece, select the song I want from the
folder with winamp, windows media player, whatever and sing my heart out.

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Subject: a blind musician requesting help from other blind brothers
andsisters who love to sing and play

I have been singing gospel and other popular standards in
churches, rest homes, and other small groups for over twenty years.
In the early days, preparing a customized mix for each small group was
easy. Put the cd in the player, put a tape in, and press record. Or I
would put two tapes in a radio, press record and play, and seemlessly
make my mix.
Now, (at least from my point of view), making a mix isn't easy. I
have discovered a program called Cdex, which, when I run it, converts
me files to mp 3's. But where the problem arises is how I can best get
those mp-3 files onto a cd with the fewest and easiest keyboard
commands. The ripping program is mouse-oriented, and can be done by a
sighted person. But what if you want to copy an mp-3 file onto a cd?
And how can that file then be converted into a formatt that can be
played on a standard cd player? For the sake of this I am coining a
phrase radio-ready. How do I convert an mp-3 audio file down-loaded
from the internet onto a cd, with as few steps as possible,
seemlessly, onto a cd and convert it to a radio-ready formatt using
the key-board, by myself? Similarly, how do you convert songs from cd
to cd, also in as few steps as possible? Are there recording machines
that duplicate from cd to cd, so I can maybe avoid the computer?
Please, please respond to this question. It is very urgent. If you are
a musician who struggle with these issues and can share your stories,
please post to the list. If you are a musician who has answer to share
with your questioning brothers and sisters, please post. I sent out a
message earlier this week about Real Player cloud that generated
absolutely no response, and this issue with my music ministry and
accompaniment tracks is even more important. Thank you ahead of time.

Kindest regards,

Ryan Coverdell

P.S. If this list is not the best place to post your questions
please tell me that as well. Also, if you are a person with answers,
could you provide your phone number and the time you would be
available so I could maybe talk to you about these things? Again,
thank you for your response. I look forward to starting a lively
discussion among list members who have had a variety of experiences.

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