Vocalizer Expressive Voices work, but Vocalizer Direct Voices do not.

Paul D. J. Jenkins <pdjj6123@...>


I have downloaded all eleven available English speaking Vocalizer voices
from the Freedom Scientific website. For the following three reasons: (1),
I am not limited when it comes to HardDrive space, I like to have as many
options as possible to choose from, and, (3), I saw no documentation
regarding any limit to how many voices a user can have installed at one
time, I installed all of these voices; both the Vocalizer Expressive ones,
and the Vocalizer Direct ones. Or, at least, I tried to. All of the
"Expressive" voices work, but none of the direct ones do. When I went to
modify the direct installations, Karen, for instance, after activating the
"Disk Usage Button" I received this error:

"Disk space requirements. the highlighted volumes do not have enough disk
space available for the currently selected features. You can either remove
some files from the highlighted volumes, install fewer features, or select a
different destination drive. Okay button." Using Karen, again, as the
real-time example, I have chosen to install the entire feature to the local
HardDrive. The installation size is 20KB, and I have 20GB of free disk
space on my local HardDrive. If anybody else has encountered something
similar, will you please help me? I would appreciate any feedback at all.

Thanks, very much!

Paul Jenkins

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