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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

Re: the desktop, it's already the default in 7, 8 is the one that has to be tweaked.


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Barbara, do you know if this is possible in Windows 7? I tried your steps but what I hear is somewhat different than what you outline. Thanks, Tom

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Copied this from blind

If you'd rather boot to the Desktop in Windows 8, this is easily accomplished. Simply follow these steps:

Move focus to the Windows Taskbar with WINDOWS KEY-T Tap Escape to remove focus from the application buttons Press ALT-ENTER to open the Taskbar and Navigation Properties dialog Within the dialog are four property sheets.
Move focus to the "Navigation" property sheet. Navigate among property sheets with CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB. Since the "Navigation" property sheet is the second property sheet, just press CTRL-TAB once.
On this property sheet are a number of checkboxes. Navigate with TAB and SHIFT-TAB until you locate the checkbox labeled, "When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the Desktop instead of Start."
In Windows, checkboxes are toggled on and off with SPACEBAR. Toggle this checkbox on.
Activate the OK button to save the changes. In the future, Windows will use the Desktop as the default display.

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Hi folks! I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for some good JAWS/Windows 8 tutorials. I have a friend who just purchased a new computer with Windows 8. I would like to help him, but I am not really familiar with the Windows 8 lay-out. I've heard that there may be a way to change how Windows looks, meaning the programs menu would look the same as it does in Windows 7. Is this true? I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks very much!

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