Re: Brother Multifunction Printer Software and JAWS

Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I can't address the crumpling problem, but I'm surprised by the level of difficulty. Since about 2007, envelopes have all but done themselves. I've never tried mail merge since the days of DisplayWrite, but individual envelopes are easy if you do them while the letter is still on screen. It pulls the return and insider addresses from the letter, and puts them where they belong. There are options for both labels and envelopes.


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Hello all,

I have only had one experience with a Brothers "all-in-one" printer.
Unfortunately, it was not a good experience. This was a lazer printer. My
problems involved addressing envelopes and printing them out. I had
difficulty getting the addresses in my address file to come up
automatically, when telling the computer to choose the envelopes option.
Then when I did get the address typed or to come up and tell it to print,
the envelopes came out all crumpled up. I was told by Staples, that this
could be due to using a poor quality envelope. Well, I've never had that
experience with any other printer. I returned that printer and am now using
a Canon "all-in-one. The printer I now have, does have raised buttons, but
there are still some issues involving setting the scanner options, as the
choices are displayed in a window.

Barbara H.

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Thanks for asking that question; Brad. In a few months I intend to replace
this computer; get the latest JAWS and multi-function printer. I too would
like input about the most JAWS accessible printers.

GIFT (God is forever true),


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I'm considering a new printer. Right now I have a brother laser printer,
and it is top notch, but it is a printer only. I'm looking at a
networkable all-in-one. I know I won't be able to read the display on the
printer itself, but my understanding is that Brother multifunction units
come with some sort of Brother MFL software. I would assume, perhaps
incorrectly, that I could use that software to set my preferences when
making photocopies (two sided or one sided for instance), and I could
control the scanning process from the software rather than from the
printer's LCD display which I couldn't read. Does anybody currently use
the Brother software, and is it accessible? I have JAWS 15 on Windows 7
64-bit, and I'm reasonably computer savvy provided the controls read and
don't say things like, "Button" "button" and "button." Have you had any
luck with Brother multifunction units?

Thanks in advance,
Brad Martin <>
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