Re: can't delete a folder in win 7

Adrian Spratt

Just a thought. How about searching for the same filename in with Windows 7 search? Identifying the new location of the file may enable you to delete it there, and also cause it to disappear from the location where you find it right now or for it to become removable.

To be sure, are you using the options brought up by the applications key when attempting to delete, rename, etc., the file?

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Subject: can't delete a folder in win 7

hi listers. i have a folder on my c drive that i can't delete, rename,
or move. its 0 bites so i know nothing is in there. every time i try to
do something with it the message says check the location its been moved
or something. i have done virus scans, malware scans, disc cleanup and
nothing seams to change my perdicament. has anyone had this problem
before or heard of anything like this?

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